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AI-generated Drake x The Weeknd Track - A Concerning Trend for the Music Industry

As technology progresses at an alarming rate, the music industry needs to address AI-generated music and the potential implications for both established musicians and emerging artists.

Building Ethical AI Models: A Deep Dive into Anthropic and OpenAI

As AI continues to grow in prominence and impact, the need for ethical AI models becomes increasingly vital. By learning from case studies like Anthropic and OpenAI, exploring alternative approaches, and considering future directions, we can strive to build AI systems that are more responsible, accountable, and ultimately, beneficial to society.

Copyright, AI Ethics, and the Ephemeral Copy: A New Frontier in the Creative Landscape

As AI continues to evolve, it brings new challenges to the forefront, specifically in the realm of copyright and AI ethics. With large language models like ChatGPT scraping the internet for training data and generating content on demand, copyright becomes a pressing concern.

My Interview on Tea Time with Tech Marketing Leaders

Listen to Alec Foster’s interview on Tea Time with Tech Marketing Leaders. In this episode, we discuss GDPR compliance and how marketers can respect customer data by utilizing creative marketing tactics.

AI-Generated Seinfeld Show "Nothing Forever" Suspended on Twitch for Transphobic Joke

The popular AI-generated Seinfeld show "Nothing Forever" on Twitch has been temporarily banned due to a transphobic joke made by the AI character "Larry." This incident highlights the ongoing challenge of AI safety and the importance of proper content moderation in the rapidly advancing field of AI.

Monetization and Monopolization of the Dating App Industry

Dating apps collect user data and use psychological tricks to keep users engaged for longer to generate revenue. With a paywall model and near-monopolization by Match Group, these apps have a significant influence on dating habits.

GoodRx Fined $1.5 Million for Sharing Sensitive User Health Data with Tech Companies

Telemedicine company GoodRX has agreed to pay the fine to the FTC for sharing user health data with companies like Google and Facebook for advertising purposes. The court order is the first FTC action under the Health Breach Notification Rule.

The Problem of Deepfake Pornography: An Urgent Call to Action

The rise of deepfake pornography has become a major issue in the digital world, where fake porn videos are created and shared using deep learning technology to manipulate images and audio without consent. The consequences of this violation of privacy, primarily affecting female-identifying individuals, can be devastating and even life-threatening.

The Impact of AI on Human Relationships and Communication

It is important to consider the ethical implications of using AI in communication, as it can be used to generate fake news or manipulate social media conversations and damage relationships and trust.

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