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Thoughts on ethical marketing principles and tactics, artificial intelligence ethics, and sustainable growth.

Building Ethical AI Models: A Deep Dive into Anthropic and OpenAI Case Studies

As AI continues to grow in prominence and impact, the need for ethical AI models becomes increasingly vital. By learning from case studies like Anthropic and OpenAI, exploring alternative approaches, and considering future directions, we can strive to build AI systems that are more responsible, accountable, and ultimately, beneficial to society.

Copyright in AI: Navigating the Uncharted Waters of AI Ethics

As AI continues to evolve, it brings new challenges to the forefront, specifically in the realm of copyright and AI ethics. With large language models like ChatGPT scraping the internet for training data and generating content on demand, copyright becomes a pressing concern. In this blog post, we will explore the nuances of copyright as it relates to AI, the concept of ephemeral copy, and the need for updated legislation to address the complexities that AI brings to the table.

My Interview on Tea Time with Tech Marketing Leaders

Listen to Alec Foster’s interview on Tea Time with Tech Marketing Leaders. In this episode, we discuss GDPR compliance and how marketers can respect customer data by utilizing creative marketing tactics.

AI-Generated Seinfeld Show "Nothing Forever" Suspended on Twitch for Transphobic Joke: A Reminder of AI Safety Challenges

The popular AI-generated Seinfeld show "Nothing Forever" on Twitch has been temporarily banned due to a transphobic joke made by the AI character "Larry." This incident highlights the ongoing challenge of AI safety and the importance of proper content moderation in the rapidly advancing field of AI.

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