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Thoughts on ethical marketing principles and tactics, artificial intelligence, privacy, and sustainable growth.

Building ML Models for Qualifying Leads

My tenure at FairShake illustrates how AI, guided by empathy and intelligence, can transform a process. The ML models we implemented made our operations more efficient and ensured that they remained grounded in principles of fairness and equity.

AI Copyright 101: A Comprehensive Guide

The intersection of AI and copyright law is a dynamic and evolving field that demands careful navigation by companies, legal teams, and creative professionals. Open dialogue and collaboration between marketers, legal experts, and ethicists are vital to forge a path that honors creativity, innovation, and the rule of law.

Unlocking Growth with Moveable Middles Growth Framework and AI

If you want to maximize returns, personalize customer experiences, and stay ahead of the competition, this guide is your roadmap. It has insights, actionable tips, and real-world examples that can transform your marketing strategy using AI and mathematically-validated results.

AI and Content Moderation: A Balancing Act

Explore the critical role of content moderation in shaping online experiences, the psychological toll on moderators, and the potential of AI to augment their work. Drawing from recent literature and my hands-on experiences, this post delves into the hidden world of commercial content moderators, the challenges they face, and the importance of human judgment.

The AI Feedback Loop: Navigating the Risks of 'Model Collapse'

As AI-generated content proliferates, our AI models are increasingly training on this data, leading to a phenomenon known as 'model collapse.' This can result in irreversible defects in the models, causing them to misinterpret reality based on their reinforced beliefs. We explore the implications of this phenomenon and discuss potential strategies to navigate this challenge.

Understanding the EU AI Act and its Impact on Marketing

The EU AI Act represents a significant step forward in the regulation of AI. As the world's first comprehensive AI law, it sets a global standard for AI regulation that other jurisdictions may follow. By understanding the Act and its implications, marketers can ensure their practices are compliant, while also leveraging the opportunities that AI offers to engage consumers.

Is Your Smartphone Listening? Myth vs. Reality

As a seasoned marketer and certified privacy professional, I frequently encounter this question: Are our phones actively listening to our conversations to deliver highly targeted ads? The answer is more nuanced than a simple yes or no.

The Intersection of Marketing, Privacy, and AI

The intersection of marketing, privacy, and AI is a rapidly evolving field with significant implications for businesses and society. As AI advances, it will likely play an increasingly important role in marketing. However, businesses must balance the benefits of AI with the need to respect customer privacy and practice ethical marketing.

AI-generated Drake x The Weeknd Track - A Concerning Trend for the Music Industry

As technology progresses at an alarming rate, the music industry needs to address AI-generated music and the potential implications for both established musicians and emerging artists.

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