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Big Tech Company is a satirical website I created in Feb 2023 based on experiences and observations from over a decade of working in and following the tech industry. My goal with this project is to point out the excesses, tropes, and negative externalities that many venture-backed startups and large tech companies are guilty of. I'm not a pessimist, though. Any company has the ability to start treating its users and employees with respect.

I am a product/growth marketer, certified privacy professional, and AI ethics trainee. I also have 8 years of experience designing immersive experiences for consumption online and at large-scale events.

If you work for a company that wants to hire an ethical marketer for full-stack product/growth marketing or to develop your privacy program or AI product policies, please reach out. My email is [email protected].

My previous art includes:

  1. A big tech singularity experience, where users see fake ads in VR after uploading their consciousness to the cloud (2016)
  2. A self-help book for overcoming one's addiction to self-help books (2016)
  3. A dark humored women's sex & beauty magazine parodying Cosmopolitan (2016)
  4. A satirical big tech political lobby experience (2017)
  5. A sales magazine and multi-level marketing 'alternate reality game' centered on stealing toilet paper (2017)
  6. A mermaid shibari show in which merpeople get tied up in plastic six-pack rings (2018)
  7. An AI-inspired chatbot that becomes good or evil based on user interaction until it goes completely off the rails (2018)
  8. A subterranean museum about the history of water (2021)
  9. A radiation measurement lab that tests saliva (2022)
  10. A 'Game of Life' experience in the afterlife (2022)
  11. A D.A.R.E.-inspired satirical workshop with even more hysticalical copaganda called N.A.R.C. (2022)
  12. A three-act musical about a boy band desperate for a #1 hit, satirizing the 'Live Aid' charity concert (2022)
Big Tech Corp Terms of Simulation

Becoming Self-Helpless: Ending Your Addiction to Self-Help Books

Tupperwear Magazine
TupperLife Magazine

SPITTLE Radiation Testing Lab

NARC Workshop - Links to Song

Boyz iI Them Poster - Link to YouTube videos

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