Alec Foster Ethical Marketer

Alec Foster, CIPP/US

a Growth Marketer & Certified Privacy Professional based in the Bay Area, currently leading growth at Creednz.

My Background

A full-stack advocate and storyteller, I believe that people shouldn't hand over their power to corporations without a fight. I only give my time to projects that improve people's relationships with technology and the laws that govern them.

I'm the first marketer to be certified with the International Association of Privacy Professionals. With my background, I'm equipped to help organizations bolster compliance and risk mitigation practices, and build marketing programs that adhere to privacy principles and laws.

Until recently I worked at FairShake, the consumer rights service, and currently serve as Director of Communications of the 501(c)(3) Fair Internet Coalition, which advocates against corporate monopolization. I previously worked at Jumbo Privacy, Hustle, and Google, and served on the boards of Students for Sensible Drug Policy and the Student Net Alliance.

I'm furthering my education in AI ethics. Check out my blog to read my latest musings.

In my spare time, I teach electric hydrofoiling lessons, lift weights, and produce immersive art experiences.

Blog Posts


Building Ethical AI Models: A Deep Dive into Anthropic and OpenAI Case Studies


Copyright in AI: Navigating the Uncharted Waters of AI Ethics


My Interview on Tea Time with Tech Marketing Leaders


AI-Generated Seinfeld Show "Nothing Forever" Suspended on Twitch for Transphobic Joke: A Reminder of AI Safety Challenges

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9+ years of experience.



Public Policy

AI Ethics

Ethical Marketing

Read the principles that guide my approach to marketing.

Data Privacy

As a certified privacy professional, I can audit your marketing programs for privacy compliance.

AI Ethics

Ensure responsible and ethical use of AI in your business practices with my expertise in AI Ethics.

Recent Projects

Growth Marketing

I've managed growth marketing at companies including FairShake, Hustle, and Google.

My accomplishments at FairShake include building an in-house referral program and growing it to become our second-largest acquisition channel, building machine learning models to improve the accuracy of claim assignments, and building a consumer complaints forum with 30,000+ submissions.


At FairShake I handled our policy programs, which required me to build a petition site from scratch, and created and managed all advocacy campaigns.

At Google, I worked on Google Take Action from 2014-2016, where I helped create actions and events for our email list of 2 million followers.


I currently sit on the board of the Fair Internet Coalition, a nonprofit devoted to ending internet monopolies.

I founded the Student Net Alliance in 2013 to raise awareness about the impact of government and corporate surveillance on youth.

I served on the Board of Directors of Students for Sensible Drug Policy from 2013-2016.


I graduated from NYU with a double major in Politics and Media, Culture and Communication, with honors including the Arch Award (highest undergraduate honor) and the CYBERCORPS Scholarship for Service.

I completed Harvard's CopyrightX course in 2017, and passed the CIPP/US exam in 2021.


On weekends I teach electric hydrofoiling lessons to people of all skill levels. Message me if you want to take a lesson in the SF Bay!

Immersive Experience Design

I have 8 years of experience producing 19 large-scale art installations and interactive performances for events attended by thousands of people.

My past work includes multiple published magazines and newspapers, responsive digital art, and managing teams of 5+ collaborators to produce performances that help people rethink their assumptions and roles in society.

Get in touch

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