Alec Foster Ethical Marketer

Alec Foster, CIPP/US

an Ethical Marketer, Certified Privacy Professional, and AI Creator-User rooted in the Bay Area, leading the charge for ethical AI policy at AI Alignment, Inc.

My Journey

A tenacious advocate and master storyteller, I'm driven by the principle that technology should serve people, not control them. My commitment lies with projects that positively transform people's interactions with technology and reshape the laws that guide its use. I currently leverage my skills as a marketing and AI ethics consultant for a number of promising startups. Despite my thriving career, I remain open to exploring new opportunities that align with my mission.

As the first marketer to be certified by the International Association of Privacy Professionals, I bring unique capabilities to the table. I help organizations fortify their compliance, improve risk mitigation strategies, and build marketing initiatives that comply with data privacy laws and principles.

Presently, I'm the Head of Public Policy at AI Alignment, Inc., advocating for algorithmic transparency in the defense industry, and the Director of Communications at the Fair Internet Coalition, championing against corporate monopolization. My professional journey has seen me through significant roles at FairShake, Jumbo Privacy, Creednz, Canonic Security, Hustle, and Google and board services at Students for Sensible Drug Policy and Student Net Alliance.

This Fall, I will start an AI Ethics and Society masters program at the University of Cambridge. Follow my thoughts and ideas on my blog!

Beyond my professional life, I flex my creativity by building satirical websites like Big Tech Company, teaching electric hydrofoil lessons, indulging in weightlifting, and curating immersive art experiences.


Blog Posts


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Over a decade of experience.



Public Policy

AI Ethics

Ethical Marketing

Read the principles that guide my approach to marketing.

Data Privacy

As a certified privacy expert, I can audit your marketing programs for privacy compliance.

AI Ethics

Let's instill responsible and ethical AI practices in your business with my proficiency in AI ethics.

Recent Projects


I've managed growth and product marketing at companies like Creednz, Canonic Security, FairShake, Hustle, and Google.

At FairShake, I crafted an in-house referral program that evolved into our second-largest acquisition channel, pioneered machine learning models to heighten claim assignment accuracy, and established a consumer complaints platform that garnered over 30,000 submissions within a year.


In my role at FairShake, I spearheaded our policy programs, creating a petition platform from scratch and orchestrating all advocacy campaigns.

While at Google, I was an integral part of Google Take Action (2014-2016), fostering actions and events for our massive 2 million-strong email audience.

Nonprofit Leadership

Currently, I lead as the Head of Public Policy at AI Alignment, Inc., pushing for algorithmic transparency in the defense industry, and serve as Director of Communications at the Fair Internet Coalition, opposing corporate monopolization.

In 2013, I founded the Student Net Alliance to highlight the implications of government and corporate surveillance on the younger generation.

I was honored to be a part of the Board of Directors of Students for Sensible Drug Policy from 2013-2016.

Academic Achievements

I graduated from NYU with a double major in Politics and Media, Culture and Communication, and earned prestigious honors including the Arch Award (highest undergraduate honor) and the CyberCorps Scholarship for Service.

I completed Harvard's CopyrightX course in 2017, passed the CIPP/US exam in 2021, and will commence my part-time graduate degree in AI ethics at the University of Cambridge in Fall 2023.


During my downtime, I impart electric hydrofoiling skills to individuals across various expertise levels. Interested in a lesson? Reach out!

Immersive Experience Design

With 8 years under my belt, I have crafted 20+ large-scale art installations and interactive performances for high-profile events, engaging thousands of attendees.

My portfolio includes a series of published magazines and newspapers, responsive digital art, and leading teams of 5+ collaborators to produce performances that challenge societal norms and assumptions.

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