Guide: Implementing Moveable Middles Growth Framework with AI

Moveable Middles Growth Framework (MMGF) represents the next evolution of customer-centric marketing. It's a new framework, developed by the MMA and Neustar, designed to drive profitable growth by targeting specific consumer segments known as the 'movable middle'. Unlike marketing methods that cast a wide net, such as traditional reach plans, MMGF focuses on efficiently targeting consumers who are most likely to be influenced by marketing efforts and aren’t already loyal customers.

The Concept of Movable Middles and Their Importance

Movable middles are those consumers who lie between committed brand loyalists and the disinterested. They represent an opportunity for growth, as they can be persuaded to choose your brand over competitors. Targeting this segment can lead to:

Moveable Middles Growth Framework

MMGF uses AI and analytics to pinpoint segments rich in movable middles and understand their unique characteristics and behaviors. This involves:

  • Segmentation: Breaking down the market and focusing on segments rich in movable middles.
  • Personalization: Creating tailored messages and offers to engage this segment.
  • Measurement and Optimization: Continuously tracking performance and optimizing strategies.

Why Targeting Movable Middles is Effective

  • Efficient Use of Budget: Concentrating marketing spend on this segment ensures higher ROI. This targeted approach minimizes wasted ad spend on those who are already committed to a brand or those completely uninterested.
  • Higher Conversion Rates: Tailoring strategies specifically to movable middles involves understanding their preferences, needs, and pain points. Brands can drive higher engagement by crafting messages, offers, and experiences that resonate with these segments.
  • Scalable Growth: The concept of targeting movable middles is not limited to a single campaign or product; it's a repeatable and scalable strategy. Brands can apply the same principles across different campaigns, products, or markets by continuously identifying, understanding, and engaging this segment.

Benefits and Challenges

The Role of AI in Modern Marketing Strategies

The challenges of MMGF, particularly the need for sophisticated data analytics and an intricate understanding of consumer behavior, are precisely where AI shines. AI can simplify the implementation of MMGF, making it accessible to most marketers.

The movable middles can be identified via modeling and targeted via segmentation. Traditionally, this process required advanced data science skills. But with AI tools, marketers can do this themselves. AI democratizes access to insights and analytics, making the once daunting task of pinpointing and engaging movable middles feasible for marketing teams.

AI is a valuable tool in executing the MMGF framework. It enhances the effectiveness of targeting the movable middles and scales the process, enabling a broader application. Through intelligent targeting, analytics, and ad optimization, AI enables marketers to reach movable middles with precision and scale.

AI-Driven Techniques for Identifying and Engaging Movable Middles

Advertising and AI: Targeting Movable Middles with Precision

Programmatic Advertising and AI's Role

Programmatic advertising accounts for an estimated 91% of US digital display advertising in 2023 (source). AI makes most of this possible by automating the real-time buying and selling of digital ads. By leveraging AI-powered technology, advertisers can reach the right people at the right moments for a fraction of the traditional cost.

How AI Advertising Enhances MMGF

Analytics and AI: Understanding Movable Middles Through Intelligent Insights

AI-powered analytics leverage machine learning to analyze large datasets, providing insights at speed and scale. In the era of digital marketing, the sheer volume of data can be overwhelming. AI steps in to extract valuable insights, often predicting future patterns and offering prescriptive solutions.

How AI Analytics Enhances MMGF

Vendors to Explore

Navigating the dynamic terrain of AI-driven marketing can be complex, especially when faced with the challenge of discerning authentic innovation from exaggerated claims. As a marketing executive, I've sifted through many vendors boasting advanced AI capabilities. Drawing from my career and research, I have identified the following vendors as trustworthy and capable of delivering on their promises.

Vendors offering AI advertising solutions:

Vendors offering AI analytics solutions:


Artificial Intelligence is more than a supplementary technology in the Moveable Middles Growth Framework—it's a catalyst that propels marketing efforts into a new era of precision and relevance. Under the guidance of a mathematically validated framework, AI unveils pathways to customer engagement that were previously unattainable.

Practical Tips and Insights for Implementation

Focus on the Movable Middles:

Utilize AI-powered Tools and Strategies:

Invest in Analytics and Performance Management:

By embracing AI's full potential, marketing leaders can redefine the landscape, targeting those most susceptible to influence and driving growth like never before.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 License.

Alec Foster

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 License.